A unique Transformation Journal by our founder to help you get started on your journey too

If you are ready for your own TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY, get the journal and START. She will be receiving prepaid orders for Cameroon as from next week. Good luck to those who would get one and use same AMEN.

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Impact Talks for Single Parents filled with hope


Impact Talks: Our Founder in a conversation with Mrs. Victorine Ndikum Founder of the VN Foundation for Single Parents

Today we are super excited to be hosting the first H4AB Impact Talks for 2021 as our founder sits down with Mrs. Victorine Ndikum founder of the Victorine Ndikum Foundation for Single Parents.

We will listen to our guest tell us some about herself,  share some of her experiences in this journey called life, which might have led her to found such a noble foundation.

Gone are those days when being a single parent (through whatever means) led to so much stigma and outright rejection for some by their own families.

We will pay rapt attention as she shares her successes and challenges with the foundation, and any future projects in the pipeline.

Visit the VN Foundation’s facebook page at: https://web.facebook.com/Victorine-Ndikum-Foundation-Official-106290088065036

And checkout their website: http://www.victorinendikumfoundation.org/

Watch our conversation on YouTube here:

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Our Second Year (2020) Report


Happy New Year world, it’s been a while and we are H4AB had some slow start to the new year for reasons beyond our control.

We are however excited to present to you our second year report, one which in addition to our successful completion of the AAF project for IDPs, also saw our founder doing so much in furtherance of our goals.

Wishing you all a great read and new year ahead.

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A big win in our fight against Rape; our founder gave it her best

A rapist given a life sentence; an advocate and barrister planning to keep fighting. This is the best judgment of my 12 years of legal practice. It’s a big win and the best Christmas gift I could ask for this year of all.

#thereishope #breakthestigma #bethehope #youarenotalone  #donotsufferinsilence #notorape #notochildsexualabuse


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Are you mindful of your support network?

While wishing us all a merry season, let our founder share her last TherapistMAG vlog for the year on minding our support network.

Hope you are inspired, motivated and encouraged. #mentalhealthmatters #youarenotalone #thereishope #bethehope #supportnetwork

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