Our Projects

Below are some of our ongoing projects

1. TARape - Together Against Rape

TARape is a synergy conceived to rally associations and persons of good will so that together we run anti-rape and sexual abuse campaigns in Cameroon, with primary target beneficiaries being children of school age and young adolescents, as well as their parents and caretakers.  Having worked with over 20 kids victims of sexual abuse including rape, sodomy and incest, we realized this pandemic wasn’t one we could affront alone. Visit our Facebook page to keep in touch with our activities, and don’t forget to like and share our page. If interested to partner with us please reach out.


2. A A F - Awareness; advocacy and facilitation for IDPs (Internally displaced persons)

This is an ongoing project partially funded by the ARDF (African Regional Democracy Fund) program of the US Embassy in Cameroon. It is a project whose main objective is to raise awareness and advocate for the rights of vulnerable people who have been internally displaced by the violent crisis in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. The aim of the project is equally to mitigate the effects of violence and civil unrest on the mental health of the Internally displaced persons (IDP) affected by the ongoing crises in Cameroon. This project will fulfill the dual objectives of both reducing social stigma towards mental health challenges within communities hosting large numbers of internally displaced persons, as well as advocating for the human rights of all Cameroonians struggling with mental health issues. We are equally seeking to facilitate the issuance of birth certificates of IDP children in our city (Douala, Cameroon).

The Hope Food Barn


Through this project, we intend to build a small food barn and fill it up with food items to be redistributed to the Internally displaced persons we are identifying in the city of Douala, Cameroon. Official statistics put them at over 25.000, and our goal is to provide food products to a minimum of 500 IDP. Are you abroad and would like to be a part of such a noble project? You can make a one time donation or a monthly donation of $10 as you deem. Please, do not hesitate to reach out either on the givingway platform or through our website or any of our social media handles. We really appreciate any and all help we can get. 

We are also working on starting a tailoring workshop for IDPs in Bonaberi Douala, hence the hope shop project where we can sell the finished products they will produce both virtually and at the center. Proceeds from these sales will be shared with them and the organization. We will plough our share back into the food barn, and to run other activities of ours. These projects will help more of their children to be enrolled in school and also help curb the increasing rate of juvenile delinquency in the streets due to the influx and idleness of some of those IDPs.Internally displaced persons (IDP)

3. Open a Shelter for victims of Domestic Abuse and Gender Based Violence; as well as for victims and survivors of rape and sexual abuse.


On our agenda, our team is working towards realizing an accommodation centre for victims and survivors of domestic violence or abuse as well as victims or survivors of sexual abuse most especially children and orphans. An accommodation centre will not only provide them with shelter but will equally make them to be safe and independent.

4. Open a mental health care support center in the city of Douala Cameroon


In the city of Douala Cameroon which is the economic capital of Cameroon, with a population of over 2.5 million, there is only one public psychiatric ward in the main public hospital called Laquentine. There are a few other private neuro-psychiatric centers, but no mental health care support centre. Having worked for two months at the psychiatric ward mentioned above, we witnessed the main challenge on the ground is at the level of health care officials. That is , we discovered that the hospital has just one resident psychiatrist and no psychologist. Our founder who holds both a diploma in psychology and in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, wishes to dedicate her services to such a center where people abused and battered by life and now living with/and or affected by a mental illness or mental health challenge can come for support care services; and where their care givers and families could meet to create support groups and support each other throughout.


Kindly do not hesitate to contact us if you would want to support any of our projects. kindly contact us and we will be more than please to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Please put a smile on the faces of the abused and battered to help them rebuild their hope

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