Overview of H4AB

Hope for the Abused and Battered is an association where those battered by life can find hope. Victims of domestic violence and other life’s challenges can find some refuge and guidance through the various challenges they face.

The aim of the association is to provide supporting services which promote emotional resilience to people battered by life, regardless of age, sexual orientation, race and political or religious affiliation,  in their search for ways to overcome the fears and conflicts and separation that accompanies personal crisis.

Our Objectives

  • To provide counselling and psycho-therapeutic assistance to individuals and groups;
  • To raise awareness and sensitize the population on the damages caused by domestic violence, and all other forms of violence;
  • To encourage a spirit of peace, love, forgiveness and living in harmony in our communities;
  • To provide legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, and the battered in our communities;
  • To cooperate with associations with similar objectives.

Our Services

We offer psychological, legal and holistic counselling to people who have been abused and battered and now need hope. They need to be empowered in a holistic way to get back up and believe in themselves again and in their future. We hope to be able to pull the resources together which will enable us as an organization offer such hope and empowerment.

Our Core Values

We listen with compassion, we care with genuineness, we share with all love and we help in all solidarity.

Our Guiding Principles: Human rights-based and gender-responsive approaches towards promoting, protecting and fulfilling the human rights of all women and girls, as well as strengthening institutional capacities at local and national levels to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls. Holistic and multi-sectoral responses that address women and girl’s inter-related rights and needs in terms of prevention and response to violence, including safety and protection, access to health, legal, property and inheritance rights, and economic security and rights.

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