About Us

Take off your jacket of despair and put on your coat of hope

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization that provides supporting services which promote emotional resilience to people battered by life, regardless of age, sexual orientation, race and political or religious affiliation, in their search for ways to overcome the fears and conflicts and separation that accompanies personal crisis. Our core areas of focus are: Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence, Mental Health and Mental Illness, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Emotional Wellness. Hope for the Abused and Battered head office is locate in Douala, Cameroon, but or sphere of impacts transcends national boundaries.

What We Do

We offer psychological, legal and holistic counseling to people who have been abused and battered and now need hope. We empower them in a holistic way to get back up and believe in themselves again, and in their future. Through donors and partners, we pull resources together which enable us, as an organization, offer such hope and empowerment by Grace.

Our Core Values


We listen with compassion


We care with genuineness


We share with all love


We help in all solidarity

Please put a smile in the face of the abused and battered to help them rebuild their hope

Our Guiding Principles

  • Human rights based and gender responsive approaches that place paramount priority on promoting, protecting and fulfilling the human rights of all women and girls, as well as strengthening institutional capacities at local and national levels to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls, the mentally and emotionally challenged.
  • Focus on specific and measurable results that make a concrete difference in lives of women and girls, persons living with, and or affected by a mental illness or mental health challenges, as well as those facing emotional difficulties.
  • Holistic and multi-sectoral responses that address women and girl’s inter-related rights and needs in terms of prevention and response to violence, including safety and protection, access to health, legal, property and inheritance rights, and economic security and rights.
  • Focus on marginalized groups, especially excluded or disadvantaged women and girls (such as women and girls with disabilities, and persons living with and or affected by a mental illness or mental health challenge and emotional difficulties), ensuring responsiveness to diversity.
  • Coordination and partnership-building, including among government entities, civil society organizations, especially women-led and small organizations, women’s specialist service providers, End Violence Against Women (EVAW) thematic networks, organizations advocating for the rights of persons living and or affected by a mental illness or mental health challenges and fostering emotional wellness.
  • Commitment to sharing knowledge by documenting, evaluating and disseminating results.
  • Evidence-based programming, building on documented research, lessons learned and recommended practices, to ensure optimal results and use of resources.
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