Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas

We identified four areas to focus our work and resources on as follows;

1. Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence

2. Mental Health and Mental Illness

3. Adverse Childhood Experiences

4. Emotional Wellness

Our Main activities are

1) Offering legal and psychotherapeutic support to victims of Domestic violence and Gender Based violence;

2) Offering psychotherapeutic support and advocating for better care of persons living with a mental illness or mental health challenges;

3) Offering psychotherapeutic support to persons struggling with ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’;

4) offering psychotherapeutic support for emotional wellness

Our founder has been there you know, beneath a bed, hiding, trying to run away from all the pain and hurt, shame, physical and emotional violence suffered on that fateful day, the day she watched her 1 day old daughter leave the hospital fully covered and prepared in a white bedsheet, ready for burial.She knows first hand what it feels like to be hopeless, how to fight to stay alive in spite of being left bruised and battered from the abuse. In spite of it all, she survived. And today she thrives, scars and all.

She therefore created this association to bring hope to the abused and battered. Be it physical, sexual, financial, emotional, moral, psychological and even spiritual abuse, be the violence from domestic and intimate relationships or in a professional milieu, or even from adverse childhood experiences, she’s seen it all and is today a survivor! You too can be a survivor

Hopeful and Hopeless directions. Opposite traffic sign..

In an abusive situation, hope is the one thing you hold on to even if you feel like losing your sanity. Mental Health challenges are for real, and we have had first hand experiences of the intricacies involved. Hope leads to faith in the resilient power of the human spirit. It is deeply connected to love and empathy, it is one of the three essential virtues prescribed by the christian teachings.

We are deeply honoured to have gotten to a point where we can offer services to bring hope to the hopeless. Every person of goodwill is invited to join us #BetheHope we want to have at all times. We have thus identified the above areas to focus on, and to collaborate on so that together we help people reverse from hopeless to hopeful.

Enjoy another poem from our founder, Marie Abanga.

Kindly contact us to find out more about our work, and how you can join us make a difference.In an abusive situation, hope is the one thing you hold on to even if you feel like losing your sanity.

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