Mental health and Menstruation matters

Our founder was a guest on an very important platform to talk about the corelation about mental health and Menstruation matters.

Maybe some ladies didn’t grow up in a society which stigmatizes menstruation; maybe it wasn’t a taboo to talk about menstruation in your community; maybe you didn’t lack a sanitary pad ever; or maybe just maybe you always had the right information about your reproductive organs which are largely affected by your menses? But in our community and many many others around the world, menstruation has been such a hush hush and even ‘unclean’ thing to talk about or pay attention to. And yes, when you go about something in such ‘eggshell’ way, there is bound to be anxiety, frustration, hopelessness, helplessness and outright depression which could lead to other mental health challenges and even suicide in extreme cases. And maybe the men don’t know what the girls and women go through or just don’t care? We will continue to share our reflections and raise awareness on such issues.

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