Suicide Prevention

According to the American Psychiatric Association Men are more than three times more likely than women to take their lives. Firearms are the most common method of suicide (used in about half of all suicides).

But, suicide is preventable if we consider the risk factors and and pay attention to the warning signs.

Suicide has a direct connection with mental health disorder meaning people who are depressed or who are alcoholic stand a chance of considering suicide and the biggest sign of them all is someone with a history of attempted suicide

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center defines the following

Risk factors: which are characteristics that make it more likely that an individual will consider, attempt or die by suicide.
With an example being the case of Chris Takam the Cameroonian in Ohio USa, who murdered his wife and then committed suicide. He frequently made the following kind of post:
“Real life lesson
Never let anybody play you. When that happens,
everybody will tell you <don’t worry, God will
make them pay>. Don’t listen to that BS. Nobody
has ever come back from death to tell us how it
works on the other side. If someone plays you
here, make them pay here and now. I don’t believe
in life beyond death. We live only once Period”.
So from all indications there
If at any point people payed attention to the posts he made since 2018 and tried to help him, there would have been a higher chance that Chris Takam would have reconsidered his idea/plans.

Warning signs: which indicates an immediate risk of suicide.

Protective factors: which are characteristics that make it less likely that individuals will consider, attempt or die by suicide.

Previous suicide attempt(s)
-Losses and other events (for example, the breakup of a relationship or a death, academic failures, legal difficulties, financial difficulties, bullying)
-History of trauma or abuse
-Chronic physical illness, including chronic pain
-Exposure to the suicidal behavior of others
-A history of suicide in the family
-Substance misuse
-Mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder)
-Access to lethal means (e.g., keeping firearms in the home)

Warning Signs of Suicide
-Dramatic mood changes
-Talking about feeling trapped or being a burden to others
-Often talking or writing about death, dying or suicide
-Making comments about being hopeless, helpless or worthless
-Expressions of having no reason for living; no sense of purpose in life; saying things like “It would be better if I wasn’t here” or “I want out.”
-Increased alcohol and/or drug misuse
-Withdrawal from friends, family and community
-Reckless behavior or more risky activities, seemingly without thinking

Protective Factors
-Effective mental health care; easy access to a variety of clinical interventions
-Strong connections to individuals, family, community and social institutions
-Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills
-Contacts with providers (e.g., follow-up phone call from health care professional)

If someone shows any signs of suicide ideation/suicidal thoughts pay attention to their concern and take it seriously, contrary to what some people think do not leave them alone, do not be afraid to communicate with such people and ask them about their plans above all let them know they are loved by people and that they are not alone to face their struggles, go further to advice them to seek professional help.

Below are some of the tips provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that you can use if you are worried about a possible case from a loved one:

-Ask someone you are worried about if they’re thinking about suicide. (While –People may be hesitant to ask, research shows this is helpful.)
-Keep them safe. Reduce access to lethal means for those at risk.
-Be there with them. Listen to what they need.
-Help them connect with ongoing support.
-Stay connected. Follow up to see how they’re doing

Is a loved one or anyone around you showing signs of suicide ideation/suicidal thoughts or have you ever nursed the idea of committing suicide? Please do not give up, We can help. Contact us immediately through any of the links below.

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