The Rape epidemic in Cameroon with host Goretti

Our Founder was hosted once again by Goretti of the epic show the Woman Experience, to discuss the rape epidemic in Cameroon.

Rape is fast becoming a daily occurrence, with another grueling case of incest followed by the murder of 13 year old Aisha by her own Father this 10/16/2020. This was closely followed by the gruelling rape of a 3 year old child in Yaoundé by unidentified men.

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Talking Mental Health to Kids on #WMHD2020

Our Founder had a great time with the 20 or so kids gathered at the Hope Alive Foundation center on the outskirts of the Littoral Region in Cameroon last October 10th.

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We keep raising awareness about Mental Health a show at a time

Our founder keeps honouring invitations to raise awareness on mental health and mental illnesses on different shows. In the past weeks she participated at the following:

1. “Lived experience with Mental Illness”, hosted by Global Mental Health Peer Network (In Our Voices)  and the focus points where as follows
-Receiving a diagnosis (how to handle the information)
-Holistic Health Management
-Effect of stigma and combating stigma

Watch that show here:

2. A presentation on Self Confidence to the world pulse a
3. Ambassadors (World Pulse is an independent, women-led social network for social change. By harnessing the power of technology to accelerate women’s leadership, they are speeding up the pace towards gender equity), it was organised by the house of hope. The main focus of this presentation was to show how lack of self confidence can drastically affect mental health.

3. World Suicide Prevention day 2020: Let’s talk awareness, prevention and stigma by the Voice of Hope Media on the occasion of World suicide prevention Day. she also joined in her capacity as a Psychotherapist; Executive Representative for the African Region for Global Mental Health Peer Network, and country executive- Cameroon.

The discussions were structured around the following topics

1) What is suicide
2) What is suicide Prevention
3) What are the causes of suicide
4) What can be done to stop or prevent people from committing suicide?
5) What are some of the cultural and traditional believes towards suicide?
6) What are the short and long term effects of someone who is suicidal, has had suicidal thoughts has had failed attempt in committing suicide?
7) What can we do as individuals or as a community to help these individuals?
8) What is your final or general advice to anyone out there bearing in mind that suicide can directly indirectly affect individuals
9) Should we limit suicide prevention only for one day a year?

Watch that show right here:

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Greater investment for Mental health through self care


This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is Mental Health For All: Greater Investment – Greater Access.

Our founder is a World Pulse  Ambassador and she decided to do a project to collate video blurbs or images of our self care moments of choice…and got her son (our web developer) to do this video for the Ambassadors.

So, World Pulse Ambassadors decided to embark on greater investment in their mental health by making self-care a priority.

Watch some of our Ambassadors show in an imagine their self care of choice.

Check out World Pulse at


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The Rape pandemic in our community must be tackled head on

#notorapeculture #NoToVictimBlaming Join our founder over on the Facebook page @The Goretti Experience with the dynamic host Goretti Etchu-Egbe. #mentalhealthmatters #breakthestigma #youarenotalone #thereishope #mentalhealthmatters

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Support us go visit internally displaced kids

Join/support us let’s go wish these IDP Kids a blessed academic year 20/21. Hope for the Abused and Battered with HIIT – Health Improvement Initiative will be visiting these kids at the Hope Alive Foundation-HAF Cameroon this Saturday October 10th 2020. Do you have any gifts for the kids, foodstuffs, toiletries, school supply? Do you want to donate building material for their school under construction, or make a donation to their center? Do not hesitate. Volunteers are welcome to come along let’s go let these kids know it’s not over and that there is Hope Forabusedbattered.

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“Signs of mental health challenges – do not suffer alone”

This is so spot on…mental health matters, the Challenges are for real, none is exempt especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, but there is HOPE. You are not alone, help is available. Do not suffer in silence. Speak up and reach out. If you see something, please say something. You never know who you might be saving. Break the stigma. Well done Goretti Etchu-Egbe and the The Goretti Experience

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Ahead of WMHD, our founder launches the GMHPN Africa anti-stigma campaign

As a countdown to World Mental Health day on the 10th of October 2020, I kickstart the GMHPN Africa campaign to raise awareness and combat stigma. #Mentalhealthmatters #breakthestigma #mentalillnessawareness

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