Monday Motivation from our Founder

What is or are your goals in life? Do you want to do them ordinarily or extraordinarily? Do you still strive to fit an ordinary mold or dare stand apart and be extraordinary? I know my goals in life. They often require me doing ordinary things with an extraordinary mindset, or be outright extraordinary in my being and thinking, and doing. I count on God for Grace and it’s been AMAZING all along. I had to struggle with the realization that I was called to greatness, having it within me from the time I was formed and born. But since I set on the self rediscovery, affirming and asserting Journey, there is no being, going or doing ordinary things again. And yes, that’s a mantra I remind myself daily, to wake up each day with gratitude for another moment in life to be extraordinary, to think extraordinary, and to do even the seemingly ordinary things of life the extraordinary way by GRACE AMAZING AMEN. Happy new week social media family, today is the 7th and last day of an epic 7 days spiritual retreat I embarked on, and am of course looking at rounding it up the EXTRAORDINARY way…to God be the Glory for He is so GOOD ALL THE TIME.

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