Fight against Domestic Abuse: Flee when you see red flags

Fight against Domestic Abuse: Flee when you see red flags

Olamide Omujuwa Alli a 25- year old woman has been murdered by her partner, Chris Ndukwe in Nigeria.

Her friends testified to repeated incidences of abuse from her partner, but she kept getting back with him because of ‘love’.

Chris gruesomely murdered Olamide over a squabble that arose concerning the paternity of their last child. They had been in this cyclical pattern of break up/make up for 7years. Olamide had seen the red flags all through these years but deliberately ignored them to her fatal demise.

In preparation for their upcoming wedding in August, a source said he called a Master of Ceremony (MC) to notify him that he would handle the event. It was that same evening the murder took place.

He had premeditated his murder act, created a convenient environment by playing very loud music so that no one will hear or suspect anything of that sort was taking place. He first tied her up, used a plier to cut her dread, stabbed her on the head and on her eyes 11 times. After committing such an evil act, he killed himself too. Just in the twinkle of an eye, their innocent children have become orphans.

Olamide even founded an organization that enlightened young girls about abusive relationships based on her personal experience. Unfortunately, this was not enough to make her flee for her life. She probably thought her partner will change but unfortunately that was never the case.

No woman should remain in a toxic and abusive with a psychopath and narcissist for whatever reason. Emotions should not cloud reason and judgment especially when violence is concerned. Once beaten twice shy, but some women tend to ignore the validity of this statement. Once you notice the warning signs, let it go and flee for good. You may just be hastening your death by returning to your abuser.

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