Murder has recently been part of societal discourse with women and ladies as main targets. One will wonder what crime some women created just to be women.

Shocking news hit the Buea neighbourhood with a murder case due to a thwarted relationship. Alain Tondji known to be a barber murdered his girlfriend Franca, a final year Law student from the University of Buea (UB) for cheating allegations.

Alain was angry that his girlfriend whom they have dated for over 3 years left him after benefiting from financial support throughout her university studies. He brutally stabbed the lady with a knife who died on the spot. He equally stabbed himself but survived after surgical intervention.

Franca is a native of Fontem, raised by her widow mother for the past 5 years. She was the 4th of her 5 children. The allegations blackmailing Franca as a run-away girl who exploited the financial resources of Alain is not true. Her mother has been paying her fees while in the university.

Alain claimed to have sponsored Franca and was hoping they will get married. As life made it, Franca had another suitor who proposed marriage and she accepted. She went to visit Alain in Longstreet Buea for closure and they got into a fight which resulted to stabbing. Alain was full of jealousy and could not accept that Franca had decided to move on. Most people who go through emotional trauma due to breakup may have temporary difficulty coping, but with time and good self-care, they eventually get better.

It is also alleged that Alain had anger management problems which made him violent at times. He had even reported to some people about his inability to let Franca go. Could one therefore say that his action was premeditated? Was stabbing the solution to their problem? This and many more questions will remain unanswered and cannot bring Franca back to life. The fatal deed has already been done and we can only pray for the peaceful repose of her soul and strength for the family left behind.

Nothing justifies Alain’s actions for going to the extent of stabbing Franca. Murder in any form is wrong and does not warrant any form of justification whatsoever. No amount of financial assistance is worth putting the life of another at risk. Imagine the level of trauma and pain Franca’s family will suffer due to the sudden and devastating death of their child.

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