Report of H4AB’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign 2020

The month of May is fast coming to end and we as an association at Hope for the Abused and Battered (H4AB), have done our best to raise Mental Health Awareness (MHA) throughout this month. Our founder/C.E.O launched the MHA Month this May 2020, insisting that there is hope and we must get informed so we help each other better. The apt theme for this year’s MHA campaign week was kindness and the current Covid-19 pandemic calls for more kindness towards self and towards one another.

During this month, our team raised awareness on the following topics:

1-Mental Health Awareness Month: What to know.
2-Domestic abuse and mental health awareness.
3-Juvenile delinquency and mental health.
4-. Child abuse and mental health.
5. Substance abuse and mental health.
6- Covid-19 pandemic and mental health awareness.
7 – Mental health challenges of infected and affected people.
8 – Mental health of medical personnel during this period of COVID-19.
9- Mental health challenges can lead to a mental illness.
10- Stop stigmatization about mental health and mental illness.

To add momentum to the MHA campaign, H4AB will be hosting the first Mental Health Matters Open Day on the 10th of June 2020. This event is FREE and will will be having resource speakers, Internally Displaced Persons and vulnerable people, a special song produced in collaboration with a musical band of young internally displaced Cameroonians.

Worthy to highlight, this event is part of a project funded by the Africa Regional Democracy Fund (ARDF) program of the US Embassy in Cameroon.

For a detailed report on our MHA kindly go to:

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To listen to the Mental Health Matters Open day theme song titled ‘Show Love’, kindly go to this link:

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