Violence against Women VAW) and Violence against Children (VAC) on an alarming rise

Violence against Women VAW) and Violence against Children (VAC) is on an alarming rise in community with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and general instability in our country Cameroon.

What could be done to prevent or respond rapidly and effectively to such violence against 2 of the most vulnerable groups in our society?

Women are trapped with violent partners and have no where to run. Children are violated by their own family members and there is little or nothing done other than rage our frustration on social media. Available Policy is so discouraging and there are no promptly responsive social services available for victims to find refuge in.

Hope for the Abused and Battered is therefore undertaking a research project with the aim of collecting empirical evidence with the goal of effecting policy change.

Under the guidance of our founder Barrister Marie Abanga, our project consultant led the team with the design, appreciation and elaboration of the proposal. With this project, H4AB would be able to address the causes and effects of violence on the mental health needs of these vulnerable groups in our community especially during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic amidst so much instability in the country as a whole.

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