Let’s talk Covid-19 and Domestic Abuse

Let’s talk Covid-19 and Domestic Abuse. Our founder was once more a guest on an very important program. She focused on sharing the situation in Cameroon as well the mental health effects the double pandemics are having on all the stakeholders involved.

In a nutshell her reflections were around the following questions:

The Impact of gender based violence on mental health;

a) What is gender based violence and how is it exacerbated during this pandemic?

b) What in brief is mental health and mental health disorders?

c) How does GBV affect our mental health?

d) What is the effect of our mental health on GBV?

e) What can be done?

f) What are the resources available in Cameroon?

g) What needs to be done?

She can be contacted at http://www.marieabanga.com

Do not suffer in silence, we are offering psychotherapeutic support so do not hesitate to reach out to us

Kindly email us at http://hope@hope4abusedbattered.com
Visit our website http://www.hope4abusedbattered.com
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