Mental health matters Let’s dare to talk about it

Our founder Barrister Marie Abanga (aka MAG), will be live on the Step Out Show on Canal 7 with the indefatiguable host Ibrahim Nguh on the 18th of March 2020, to lead discussions on Mental Health passing through what our organization Hope for the Abused and Battered (H4AB) is doing to raise awareness, sensitize and advocate to make mental health matter in our society. We have to talk about it because many more than we can imagine are affected by mental health challenges and mental illnesses.

Talking about mental health shouldn’t be scary or taboo because we all have minds and need to take care of those minds so that they don’t fall sick. Taking care of our mental health just like we do (or are supposed to do) with our physical health, involves habits, emotions, thoughts, life forces, desires and intentions so that we stay in a state of good mental alertness to do all what we want to do while we live.

That is what she will be looking at during the show and will shed light on the AAF (Awareness, Advocacy, and Facilitation) project for Idps (Internally displaced persons) in Douala which is partially funded by the ARDF grant of the US Embassy.

She is excited to catch many of you live, ans to answer all your questions sent in before or during the show.

Do not suffer in silence;
Reach out, cry out, there is hope.

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