We visit a Cultural Organization to Present Project AAF for IDPs

Physical identifation of IDPs in Bonaberi for the AAF project funded by the ARDF program of the US Embassy in Cameroon: our founder visits a cultural associations.

Our founder barrister Marie Abanga accompanied by Ms Estela Mah our volunteer in charge of Admin, today March 1st visited the Lebang Cultural and Development Organization (LECUDO) to present project AAF and distribute IDP identification forms. This is in line with the implementation phase of the Awareness, Advocacy and Facilitation (AAF) project on MentalHealthMatters partially funded by the African Regional Democracy Fund Program (ARDF) of the US Embassy in Cameroon. Our pilot project has as target beneficiaries a total of 500 including children whose birthday certificates are yet to be issued maybe due to the crisis or financial constraints at birth. We look forward to a successful implementation of this project, and its expansion into a programme for hope and sustainability with this very vulnerable and marginalized population in our city.

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